Announcement - May 16, 2024

Spatial Labs to unveil new retail store at Platform in Culver City

Join us this summer and be a part of the next chapter of Spatial Labs.

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Today, Spatial Labs is thrilled to announce our upcoming Retail Store at Platform in Culver City, set to launch this Summer. This state-of-the-art store represents a pivotal moment for Spatial Labs as we prepare to showcase our cutting-edge products and revolutionary technology to the public.

In a bold and innovative pre-launch Campaign, we've leveraged the latest iteration of our NFC (Near Field Communication) stack to engage the community even before the store opens. A specially designed vinyl display has been embedded with the newest member of our NFC product suite; the Spatial Tag¹.

By tapping their smartphone on the vinyl, visitors can witness firsthand the utility of our ecosystem.

Our Spatial Tag also provides real-time updates and generates excitement as we approach the grand opening. This campaign not only highlights our technological abilities but also offers a sneak peek into the interactive experiences our products will offer.

For those who are not able to visit the store physically, you can view the campaign here where you can also signup to stay informed when the store opens.

Upon opening, the store will feature a range of our latest products, including a highly anticipated revamped clothing line; sunsetting our previous HARDWEAR™ line of blockchain-enabled merchandise launched in 2022.

This move is in line with our long-term mission to make technology an extension of the human experience in a much more accessible way.

While we are keeping specific product details under wraps until the grand reveal, visitors can expect a new shopping experience that blends lifestyle, technology, and personalization like never before.

This launch is more than just a store opening; it’s a celebration of our vision to integrate technology seamlessly with lifestyle. Our first Retail Store is just the beginning of how we plan to engage and inspire our audience, and we look forward to more on the horizon.

Join us this summer and be a part of the next chapter of Spatial Labs.

- Iddris Sandu, Founder of Spatial Labs.