Color in the metaverse - exploring the relationship of color between virtual and reality with Spatial Labs and Pantone.


Spatial Labs Partners with Pantone for "A Colorful Metaverse"

May 20, 2022

The relationship between Pantone and sLABS represents the intersection between color in the physical and digital environments. With language and intentionality top of mind, the collaboration between these two industry innovators bridges the virtual and the physical by connecting the collection of colors sLABS has chosen to express their digital and physical identity with the emotions they inspire. LNQ is the first project launched from the sLABS ecosystem. It is a pioneering, state-of-the-art, blockchain-enabled hardware platform sLABS refers to as “The Wearable Internet”.

The inspiration behind sLABS’ first color collection was nature and biomimicry. Centered around the concept of connectivity, the goal was to curate a selection of colors that could serve as physical touchpoints in a virtual world; colors that could live comfortably in a commercial fashion environment, while still retaining a curated element and approach. Finding colors whose universal appeal could work and blur across gender norms and rules was critical, as was the desire for these colors to display a timeless and ageless quality.

Inspired by the natural world, the sLABS color palette is non-conforming by design. It is a grouping of hues whose experimental approach leads us into a new frontier. Comprised of a cosmic blue, playful pink coral, faded lilac, grounding burnt orange, dramatic charcoal black, and a quiet creamy beige. It is a palette of color whose expressions of optimism, comfort, and confidence create a strong foundation as we look to the future.