Founder's Note - May 31, 2024

A New Chapter for Spatial Labs


Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to a new initiative that represents a key pillar of our ongoing dialogue with our audience: Founder's Notes. This medium will serve as a personal letter from myself to our audience, where I plan to share not only the latest updates from Spatial Labs but also delve into how we're harnessing future technologies to reshape our products and services—and more importantly, our lives.

Founder's Notes is born out of a desire to foster a deeper connection between our vision at Spatial Labs and the people who make our journey possible—you.

Through these letters, I aim to offer insights into the challenges and breakthroughs that define the tech industry today and provide a clearer understanding of where Spatial Labs is headed in this ever-changing landscape. As we grow, it will serve as a window into the profound impact new technologies have on our everyday interactions.

Our inaugural note marks a very significant and important milestone in the evolution of our company.

When Spatial Labs was founded in 2019, we were pioneers in the Web3 revolution, leveraging blockchain technology to create secure, transparent, and user-empowered digital experiences.

Our early projects aimed to redefine what digital ownership and online interactions could look like, grounded in the belief that technology should enhance human connections rather than replace them. We crafted products such as LNQ, an NFC-embedded fashion line offering a digital passport to understanding the history of the clothing, its origin, and more.

As our journey progressed, it became clear that our mission transcended the realms of Web3 and blockchain. The technological landscape is vast and varied, and to continue leading at the edge of innovation, we have broadened our horizons.

We are excited to announce that Spatial Labs is transforming from a company known primarily for its blockchain expertise to a broader technology pioneer.

This transformation signifies a leap into developing the semantic web for physical products—a concept poised to revolutionize our interaction with the physical world. Imagine a reality where every object tells a story, much like how Shazam identifies songs in seconds. Now, picture a world where you can point your device at any item and instantly access its history, components, and even previous ownership. This is the future we are crafting at Spatial Labs.

Furthermore, envision a reality where every object tells a story, and knowledge about the material world is just a picture, tap, or scan away with a higher level of precision that doesn't require prompting of any kind. A reality where even items like clothing or accessories could retain rich forms of metadata; allowing it's owners to make these items an extension of their lifestyle.

This concept is not just a vision but a reality we are building—one that spans both consumer-facing and business solutions. We are creating technologies that will empower both individuals and companies, providing tools that enhance understanding and interaction with the physical world.

Our integration of AI and NFC is taking this vision a step further. We are exploring AI agents that can essentially "live" within the products you own, turning every item into a node in a vast network of information. These AI agents act as personal assistants, providing customized information and immersive interactions based on the context of your needs and environment. For businesses, we're creating end-to-end turnkey solutions that will allow for seamless interaction with products, whether it's a retailer needing to know the specifics of a customer's equipment or a pharmacy accessing precise details about a prescription.

This approach is akin to creating an SDK of the physical world, where developers and businesses can build applications that interact intelligently with the material environment. This will not only enrich user experiences but also open new avenues for business innovation and efficiency.

While we are excited about these groundbreaking technologies, we are also cautious in revealing the full scope of our upcoming products. We are crafting these offerings to ensure they embody our cutting-edge technology and encapsulate our vision for a seamlessly connected world.

As Spatial Labs continues to innovate, Founder's Notes will provide regular insights into our thought processes, challenges, and breakthroughs. We believe in a future where technology enhances every interaction and simplifies every process—making the complex accessible and the inaccessible familiar.

Thank you for your continued support and curiosity. Together, we are not just observers of the future; we are its creators.

Join us as we build a world where the boundaries between the digital and physical are not just blurred but harmoniously integrated. I invite you to engage with us, share your thoughts, and help shape the future of Spatial Labs.

With warm regards,

Iddris Sandu
Founder & CEO, Spatial Labs